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Hello Caitlin!

Litha are delighted to announce that at 21:09pm on Thursday 29th May, Claire and Aaron had a beautiful wee daughter weighing in at 5lb 4oz.  Caitlin Hooper Jones and Claire are doing great and the whole family are enjoying being home and getting to know each other.


Aaron and Claire would like to extend huge thanks to everyone who has contacted us to pass on their well wishes and an even bigger thank you to all those who have sent such lovely cards, clothes and gifts. Claire is enjoying getting back to all the foods she wasn't allowed during pregnancy and Aaron is loving getting to know his new wee girl.

Aaron and Claire would also like to extend a huge thank you to fantastic musician friend Steffen Gabriel who dedicated a beautiful waltz he had written to Caitlin. Look out for 'Caitlin's Waltz' on future recordings and at our concerts!

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